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All natural • australian made • human grade • grain free • preservative free • hormone free • ethically sourced 

1kg Frozen Kangaroo Mince Packs

1kg Frozen Kangaroo Mince Packs

$7.50 per 1kg pack, minimum order 5kg

Kangaroo meat for dogs

It is one of the lowest fat meats and rich in B vitamins, Omega 3s, iron and zinc! Kangaroo meat is high in protein and is always free range. As a result their meat is often a healthy choice for pets who suffer from food allergies or intolerance.

Kangaroo meat is certified in Australia as safe for human consumption, so if handled properly, it poses no health risks to your pets.

Since kangaroos live in the wild, they do not have high levels of harmful microbes that flourish in factory feedlots where sheep, and cattle are farmed.

Kangaroo meat is very lean and low in cholesterol. Because of this, it will help to reduce the chance of your pets contracting heart disease and diabetes.

Unlike domestic animals, kangaroos live in the wild, & are not exposed to antibiotics and hormones & since kangaroos are free range, This means that the meat is pure.

Kangaroo packs many more micronutrients than domesticated meat. It is high in iron and zinc, full of B vitamins, and a great source of omega-3 fatty acids. Many other types of dog food are fortified with vitamins and minerals that their meat lacks–this is not the case with kangaroo. Their natural and varied diet provides them with all the micronutrients that they need.

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